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Ball Coupling 5085 T

Service DVD Type 5050

RINGFEDER goes YouTube

As of now all service videos by the channel RINGFEDER Anhängerkupplungen are available on   Youtube now in german as well as in english language.

Via this social network you can access all service videos all over the globe and also in transit.

This service is availablefor every one e.g. drivers, workshops or trades.

By the use of multimedia institutions RINGFEDER enlarges his service section.

Currently there are 21 service videos online concerning following issues:


  • Assembly


  • Operation


  • Operational test
  • Coupling bolt: Wear test
  • Coupling bolt: Measuring the axial clearance
  • Coupling bolt: Checking the clearance in the flower guide bushing
  • Controlling the bearing clearance
  • Controlling wear oft the wear plate
  • Controlling axial play of the bearing
  • Coupling body: Controlling pivot bearing for longitude play
  • Coupling body: Control for smooth running
  • Coupling: Greasing with permanent lubricant


  • Disassembling coupling bolt and pertaining locking springs
  • Disassembling hand lever and ratchet lever
  • Disassembling coupling body and guide bush
  • Exchanging plastic bearing bushes
  • Exchanging rubber springs
  • Disassembling wear plate


  • Changing coupling head: Type 5050 A > AM
  • Sensor assembly
  • Changing handles: Type 5050 A > B

Further inputs and topics round the RINGFEDER couplings are in progress.
Suggestions about further topics are always appreciated./
We always appreciate any suggestions about further issues.

Pirate copies, replicas and counterfeits

Dangerous bargain hunting

Quality has its price – pirate copies may be cheaper, but are inferior and in the worst case dangerous.

People who develop products, for which a patent might even exist, are experts when it comes to this product. Not only does the customer get what the description promises, he also gets spare parts, guarantee and warranty services and top-quality materials. When copied spare parts are installed, the manufacturer's warranty becomes null and void, as does insurance protection in the case of a claim. Using pirate copies in approved safety components requiring registration, such as the trailer coupling, results in voiding of the operating licence (homologation) for the vehicle.
Delight about money initially saved can quickly turn into a financial fiasco.

Piracy leads to damages in the amount of 30 billion euros annually in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Customs authorities are fighting a full-scale flood of counterfeits, be it at airports, border posts or trade fairs.

Lower prices are always attractive; however, customers should not simply purchase goods blindly, but rather take note of certification marks, which are proof of quality and compliance as per EU guidelines. For example, vehicle components that contribute to the safety of a vehicle must carry the e-marking (ECE certification mark). This not only includes safety-related components that directly affect the driver, such as brakes, but also parts that could endanger other road users if poorly finished, such as trailer couplings.

Once vehicle components have been approved by the Federal Motor Vehicle and Transport Authority, every modification, no matter how small, requires re-inspection. Staff members of this Authority have the right to check manufacturing at any time. Only in this way is it possible to ensure that vehicle components are roadworthy.

In the case of piracy, supervisory bodies do not feature at all.

This starts as early as in the development phase. While companies developing products invest a great deal of time and money in research, design, marketing, patenting and production, counterfeiters can copy an existing product 1:1. All efforts on the part of the developers are ruthlessly reduced to nothing. Even today still, the cheapest materials are used for counterfeits, without checking whether this material is hazardous to health.

Furthermore, people often have to work in inhumane conditions to a large extent. Massive overtime, child labour, unreasonable pay and accommodation are frequently the rule rather than the exception.

For this reason, German manufacturers are appealing to their customers not to be lured by the price trap. If in doubt, it is well worth investing in a genuine part and, in turn, receiving quality, safety, service and a guarantee.

The Service Bible on the Web

Repair Instructions for 40 and 50 mm Bolt Couplings.

Direct on the homepage there is a download-button for newly developed repair instructions dedicated to the 40 and 50mm bolt couplings in German and English. This 64 page bilingual service bible is the crowning achievement of the RINGFEDER online-support. Alike the installation and operating instructions it manages with less words and focuses on the explanatory power of pictures and exploded views. Intended as an extra service for workshops it may also be of assistance to technically versed customers rendering a complete survey of the structural components for different couplings. Download-instructions of such a quality are more exception than rule even in the strongly frequented consumer products segment.
We have taken our customers’ needs seriously and came up to their demands with flexibility.

Download >>